• Unlike typical spa body wraps, our wraps are not "water loss wraps", meaning inches loss can be sustainable with healthy diet and exercise

  • Wraps promote circulation and removal of toxins from the body and skin

  • Patients can do a full-body wrap, or target specific areas (e.g., tummy, thighs, or arms

  • The "dimpled" appearance of cellulite is caused in part by toxins trapped in the connective tissue below the skin; active ingredients in the wraps target and remove these toxins

  • Wraps stimulate new tissue growth

  • Skin elasticity and firmess is improved

  • Patients are wrapped (wrap solution applied along with a plastic protective wrap) in office, and recommended to leave the wrap on for 3-4 hours. Most patients find the wrap comfortable and are able to continue daily activities

  • A series of wraps is recommended for optimal results

  • Wraps are administered 1-2 times per week during a series

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