At Age-Less Weigh-Less we recognize that “not all men/women are created equal”, especially when it comes to losing weight. This is why we pride ourselves on creating programs that are tailored to meet each individual needs.


We also know that life sometimes gets in the way and can hinder you from achieving your weight loss goals. We have a solution for that. Our program is designed to have flexible scheduling options as well as some mobile services.

Age-Less Weigh-Less is not a franchise and you’re not just a number. We are here to guide you through your weight loss journey every step of the way. Upon completion of our program you will be well equipped with the tools you need to maintain your weight for a lifetime. We thrive to help you be your best! Be Age-Less. Weigh-Less. Reveal the new you.

HCG Injections

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone is a powerful weight loss medication for both men and women. The medication is prescribed by your provider and injected once daily. HCG reduces appetite, stimulates fat metabolism, and preserves muscle allowing for safe and rapid weight loss.  Our HCG Program combines daily injections with customized meal plans to help clients lose weight over a 3 or 6 weeks period.

hCG Diet Benefits

  • Effective weight-loss

  • Reduces your appetite

  • Burn fat

  • Increases your energy


Medical Evaluation

To make ensure the HCG Program is going to be safe and successful patients undergo a full medical evaluation, including a body composition analysis, physical examination, and lab work (either recently done by your physician, or we can draw necessary tests.) We also have an open conversation about goals, challenges, and results you may be able to expect.

Weekly Visits 

At weekly visits, we will:

  • Our board-certified Nurse Practioner will review your weekly activities and food plan.

  • Track and discuss progress, including weigh-in with an FDA-approved body composition scale

  • Provide you with a customized meal plan that best fits your current lifestyle.

Success & Maintenance

Once you reach your goal weight the next step is to ensure that you have the necessary knowledge and support to maintain your results. Together we will review your program and formulate a plan to ensure a lifetime of healthy eating and exercise.  Based on the providers recommendation and your personal prefrence we will determine a series of follow up visits to monitor your long term success. 

FDA Disclosure:

“HCG has not been demonstrated to be effective adjunctive therapy in the treatment of obesity. There is no substantial evidence that it increases weight loss beyond that resulting from caloric restriction, that it causes a more attractive or “normal” distribution of fat, or that it decreases the hunger and discomfort associated with calorie-restricted diets.”

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