IV Vitamin Infusion in Dover, NH and Woburn, MA

IV vitamin infusion can potentially boost your appearance, energy, and overall well-being. This revolutionary treatment is available at Age-Less Weigh-Less in Dover, NH. Our clients can choose from four vitamin cocktails, each designed for specific beauty and health results.

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What is IV Vitamin Infusion?

IV vitamin infusion efficiently administers minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and other natural substances directly into the bloodstream. The primary advantage of IV therapy is bypassing the patient’s digestive system. When vitamins are taken orally, they must be processed through the stomach and the intestines. In many cases, substances may be rendered inactive in the digestive tract or may not be adequately absorbed due to poor intestinal function or genetic variations. By providing the nutrients directly into the bloodstream, the body may be able to quickly and efficiently reach optimal levels of these substances. This has the potential to alleviate vitamin and nutritional deficiencies for an immediate therapeutic response.

Beauty Blend

This infusion is designed to help rejuvenate the skin with a blend of vitamin C, biotin, and glutathione. Many clients experience an effortlessly glowing complexion without harsh chemical treatments.

Weightloss Mix

If you want to enhance your metabolism organically, consider the weight loss mix. This IV blend is designed to help stimulate the body's natural ability to burn fat and suppress appetite, amplifying weight loss efforts.


This vitamin cocktail may hasten recovery from viral or bacterial illnesses. It's also designed to provide your body with additional defenses, with high doses of zinc, vitamin C, selenium, and other key nutrients.

Energy Lifter

Feeling worn out? Many clients find that this blend provides a surge of energy thanks to a generous dose of B vitamins, vitamin C, and glutathione.

Are you ready to see how you feel after IV vitamin infusion therapy? Call Age-Less Weigh-Less at 781.569.5100 for your free consultation or to make an appointment at one of our two convenient locations. We offer a range of services, including an appetite control program for those striving to lose weight, laser hair removal, as well as dermal fillers and other injectables.

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