The Liquid Butt Lift - can be a great option for patients who are seeking non-surgical butt enhancement that looks very natural. Because the results occur gradually as the body produces more collagen, the changes are subtle and can appear to be caused by exercise and lifestyle rather than a cosmetic treatment. The treatment can also improve the overall elasticity and quality of the skin, lifting the buttocks and improving the contours in the area. Long-lasting volume and cellulite reduction round off the significant benefits that patients can enjoy from a Sculptra Butt Lift—all without surgery or downtime.

Sculptra is designed to work gradually by stimulating the body’s own natural processes. Because of this, the results appear over time. However, the Sculptra® solution is delivered with a saline solution, which should mimic the results patients will see once the treatment series is complete and collagen has been stimulated. This will last for about 24-48 hours on average, after which patients won’t notice much difference for several weeks. Over the course of the following weeks and months, the contour and volume of the buttocks will improve.  Typically two treatments are needed spaced 6 weeks apart.  You will see your final results 3 months after your 2nd treatment.